Barbara Hámori Showrunner

Passion, diligence, freedom, success – just a few words that even without context define Barbara Hámori, the founder, owner, and lead showrunner of Scripted Productions. The company was established in 2018 and since then it has become the content creator company producing the highest number of fictional hours in Hungary.

BIO: She graduated from Eötvös Loránd University in 1996 in Hungarian-Media studies, then started working as a reporter in RTL Klub’s Fókusz. Later she showed her talent on the other end of the camera as well, in her own program Ismeretlen ismerősök on channel M1. Then she continued her career as the chief editor of Claudia Show and Big Brother as well as a producer for the latter at channel TV2. In 2003 she took over the position of program director at Viasat3, and later she was responsible for the professional supervision of the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Bulgaria as the Central European regional director of MTG. Since 2010 she has been responsible for the launch of OzoneNetwork and LifeNetwork channels as well as the website

In 2012 she transitioned to the content creator company Paprika Latino. Between 2014 and 2020 she was the professional leader of ContentLab&Factory, where following the success of Mi kis falunk she has been working as showrunner for the hit shows Korhatáros szerelem, 200 Első Randi and Drága Örökösök. Her first job as independent showrunner and producer is A Keresztanyu, which, although inspired by a Croatian production, was entirely based on Barbara’s own idea. Hotel Margaret, that is to debut in 2022 on the channel RTL Klub, is now entirely created by Scripted Productions from idea to execution. A Séf meg a többiek, also to be aired on RTL Klub in 2022, is not a daily, but a weekly show, a sitcom adaptation of the Russian show Kuhnye.


Enikő Dózsa


Dr. Antal Horváth

Head of Legal

Csaba Tóth

Head of Scripted Drama Development

Andor Balázs

PO Manager

Dániel Zsingor

Creative Producer, The Godmother (Keresztanyu)

Anett Körössy

Art Director, Hotel Margaret

Iván Balázs

Post Production Supervisor

Szilvia Czák

Production Manager

Judit Hangyál

Casting Director

Miklós Borsos


Ildikó Dancsecs

Script writer

Zsófia Faragó

Script writer

Csaba Fazekas


Márk Horváth